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Maintenance Schedule Screen

Captain's Log

The Captain's Log module is where information about trips, conditions, engine hours, and crew and guests is entered.

This module is very flexible.  Whether you are taking a day cruise or a journey around the world, it will handle it.  You can make each entry one leg of your trip, or you can include multiple legs of your trip in one entry.  It's up to you. 

You'll record your engine hours and you can also keep track of weather and sea conditions, and any other notes you want to take.

You can also track who was on board for either the whole trip or just a part of it. The level of detail is up to you.

Inventory System

The inventory system keeps track of items you've acquired and items you've used.  It can track where an item is located, when an item expires (in case of licenses, flares, perishables, etc), how many are in stock, and minimum stock levels so you'll know when it's time to order more.

Shopping List

The shopping list feature keeps track of items you want to acquire soon.  It can automatically add items that are below minimum stock levels.  You can then print out your shopping list and take it with you.

Maintenance Scheduling/Monitoring

The Maintenance module tracks scheduled maintenance to be performed at certain dates or hours.  It will notify you as tasks get closer to becoming due.  Also, you can keep detailed records of the maintenance that is performed.

As you enter your entries in the Captain's Log, the maintenance schedule counts down the hours to your next scheduled maintenance task, such as an oil change or coolant check.

Task List

The task list is just that.  Any task that isn't necessarily maintenance related can be placed here.

Track Vendors

The Vendor module has all the information about vendors you have used.  Contact information as well as a historical list of transactions are tracked for each vendor.

Fuel Log

The Fuel Log module tracks your fuel purchases.  You'll know how much fuel went in to each tank and when.

Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
.NET 3.5 runtime (will be installed automatically if you don't have it) 

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